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Halo 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Halo 3
Game Description: After the overwhelming success of the first two chapters of Halo, comes Halo 3 to make its mark as one of the most popular Xbox 360 games ever. As the epic saga goes on to unravel itself we come across the most exciting climax of all where Master Chief is back to end the clash and thus he manages to bring on the collision of the Flood, the Covenant and the entire human race. So far the Halo trilogy has sold over 14.5 million units around the globe and more than 650 million hours of multiplayer action on Xbox Live has been recorded over the years.


Rocket Mishap cheat for Halo 3 on Xbox 360

game name:

Halo 3

cheat title:

Rocket Mishap


Go to Sandtrap on Forge.

Put two teleporters about 2 elephants apart.

Then spawn a rocket launcher.

Stand in front of one teleporter and shoot at the other teleporter.

Then go through and let the rocket hit.

The mishap is that it doesn't hit you! Have fun!

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          Gold Skulls' Location
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          Killing the Hunters on The Storm
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          Last Resort Rocket
          Lower Your Players Weapon
          Machine Gun Glitch
          Masterchief Cloud
          Merging objects
          Mid Air Base
          Mid Air Objects
          M.I. Stick
          Mongoose Catapult
          Mongoose Fun
          Mongoose Pong
          Moon Face Easter Egg
          More Ammo from Arbiter
          More Monkeys on Sierra 117
          Mother of all Bombs
          Move Elephants Faster
          Multiplayer Campaign Tip
          No More Sandtrap Mines
          No Weapon in Forge
          Other Vehicles on Last Level
          Out of Construct (without being in Forge)
          Out of Forge on Mongoose
          Out of Foundry
          Out of Tsavo Highway
          Over Loading Map
          Over the Fence in Pit
          Peeing Brute
          Perfect Sniping Spot
          Phantom Gunner
          Pimp Cane
          Play Basketball
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          Shooting on Back
          Shooting Oracle
          Shortcut to Sierra177
          Shotgun Arm
          Shotgun Glitch
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          Skull Basketball
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          Sniping Spot on Narrows
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          Spider Guns
          Stick a Hammer Brute
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          Superjump Bounce
          Super Punch
          Super Quick Spartan Laser
          Super Zombie
          Survive Tripmines
          Swimming in Longshore
          Talking Grunt
          Target Practice
          Teleporter and Enemy Disappearance
          Teleporting Vehicle
          Temporary Invincibility
          Terminal Locations - 6th Level to End
          The Fall of Griffball
          The Flood Puffballs
          The Sandbox Skull
          Throw Elephants at People
          Thunderstorm Skull
          Tip: Building a Base
          Tip: Easy Hunter Kills
          Tip: Hornet Skydiving
          Tip: Hunt the Hunters
          Tip: Monitor Throw Glitch
          Tip: Put Your Gun Down
          Too Close to the Sun
          Tough Luck Skull
          Towel Man Easter Egg
          Turn Off Grav Lift
          Turretless Vehicle
          Two of the Same
          Underwater Hideout
          Under Water in Sierra 117
          Unlimited Rocket Launcher Ammo
          Unlimited Spartan Laser Ammo
          Unlimited Turret Guns
          Up, Up and Away
          Up, Up, Up
          Viewing Outer Space
          Warthog and Mongoose Gymnastics
          Weapons Stash on Halo
          Weird Elite on The Covenant
          Weird Energy Sword
          Weird Glitch on the Covenant
          Xtreme Skydiving
          You Can't See Me
          Zombie with No Arms

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