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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Game Description: This is the next chapter in the much anticipated sage of the Elder Scrolls. Bethesda is back and has made Skyrim a next generation fantasy epic that creates a virtual world in which the possibilities are virtually endless.


The Perfect Character cheat for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on Xbox 360

game name:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

cheat title:

The Perfect Character


In order to make the perfect character, you will need to level up your smithing to 100, your enchanting to 100, your alchemy to 80 and your heavy armor to 100.

When we are done, your character will take no damage from fire, frost, or shock, you will almost take no damage from weapons either, and destruction spells will cost nothing. But if you have one handed or two handed, you should still follow along to this. You will also need the enchants resist fire, resist frost, resist shock, fortify alchemy, fortify destruction and magicka regeneration, and fortify destruction.

And if you have other skills like with weapons or bows, you will need to find the enchants to improve those skills.

Back to the skills. You will need all the enchant perks, the smithing perks up to Daedric or dragon, and you only need to get the first three perks in alchemy.

Before you start you need to get the ingredients blistwart, glowing mushrooms, hagraven claws, spirrigin sap, and snow berries. 5 of each. And you will need 4 helmets, 4 leather bracers, and 4 rings and necklaces. And a lot of black or grand soul gems.

Go to a place that has a enchanting table and a alchemy table like Dragons Reach.

When you start, you need to make 2 enchanting potions from the snow berries, hagraven claws, and the spirrigin sap. Then drink one and enchant the helm, bracers, ring, and necklace, with fortify alchemy. But only enchant two at a time because if you mess up, it will ruin the process. Then wear the items and make another fortify enchant potion.

If you keep doing this process it boost the enchant to boost the alchemy and if you keep repeating this process, your potions should only be able to go up to enchantments are 30% stronger. Then when you hit that ark, wear the strongest set of armor you have then make a fortify smithing potion and a set of armor that has fortify smithing not just the potion.

For the last part you will need the strongest heavy armor in the game and you need to go out by the beginning of White Run and make Daedric or dragon armor. Then put on your smithing gear and drink your potion and improve all of your armor and if you have your heavy armor all the way up. Your armor rating should triple. My Daedric armor went from 79 to 400 something and that was only the chest plate.

Nords have a resistance to frost by 50%. And dark elves have a resistance to fire by 50%

Then go back up to Dragons Reach and wear the strongest enchanting armor. Then figure out what you will be enchanting before you drink your potion. So like if you were a Nord then you would enchant your boots with fire and frost which should be at a rating of 54%, and your necklace with fire and shock, and your ring with shock and fortify destruction. Then your gauntlets with carry weight or something because there an offensive type. Then your chestplate with fortify destruction and fortify destruction and magicka regeneration. Then your helm with fortify destruction and whatever. But if your really fast you can only enchant enchant 3 at a time with only one second left.

So do something like your jewelry and your boots, for the first potion then your head, chest, and gauntlets for the next and always use grand or black soul gems.

Then you have made the perfect character!

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