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Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Fallout: New Vegas
  • Game Description: If you thought Las Vegas was exciting, get ready for the sights and sounds of New Vegas. A product of Vault-Tec, America's "First Choice in Post-Nuclear Simulation," New Vegas lets you journey through the Great Southwest wastelands from safety in your own vault. Not only will you meet interesting new people, you'll have the latest high-tech weapons, and it's a good thing, because you'll confront dangerous and terrifying creatures. In your journey across the wasteland of the Mojave, you may think you've prepared for every possibility, but be warned: in New Vegas, fortunes can change in the blink of an eye.

Unlimited XP, Stimpaks, Doctor Bags cheat for Fallout: New Vegas on Xbox 360

Go to Helios one and talk to the Lt at the entrance to gain access. You can use any speech option. She will tell you to talk to the idiot wearing sunglasses at the back.

Go and visit him, his name is Fantastic. Once there talk to his assastant Ignacio. You can talk to him about handing over one of the terminal security passwords this also applies to Fantastic. Once done go through Ignacios room door.

Enter the passwords inside the two terminals covered by rusty cielings. The first one has multiple traps but don't worry the NCR won't touch you even if they see you trespassign.

The second one contains 3 guard dogs which are hostile. Once the 2 terminals have been used go to the Station as explained in the quest "lucky old sun".

Once in there are multiple tunnels filled with with robotic enemies such as protectrons and sentry bots so make sure you have a companion.

Once you have followed the objective to the control room you must repair the machine powering the computer. You can either repair it with a repair skill of 35 iI think and scrap metal. Or you can use a card to power the robot called Python which is up the stairs and in the north room next to a brain robot.

This card can be found in the room on the table just before entering the computer room. When the computer is fixed select Regional (emergancy output). Then go upstairs and on the observation deck which is located through a door near Python. Once the power station is activated go back to Ignacio.

After explaining to him using the I OVERPOWERED THE WEAPON speech, he will say he's dissapointed but will then give you 5 stimpaks and 7 doctor bags and 200xp.

Keep using this speech repeatedly and you will have more stimpaks and DBs and can stack XP. For example I pressed it 5 times continuously and was given 1200xp in just 5 seconds!

Game Name: Fallout: New Vegas

Cheat Name: Unlimited XP, Stimpaks, Doctor Bags

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