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Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats


List of Unique Weapons cheat for Fallout: New Vegas on Xbox 360

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Fallout: New Vegas

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List of Unique Weapons


Tesla-Beaton Prototype - Found by skeleton at the crashed vertibird. There will be hardened Mr. Handys and Sentrybots there for you to beat.

Alien Blaster - You must have the wild wasteland trait to access this. Found on the chief alien who is found with three other aliens north of Horowitz farmstead.

CZ57 Avenger - Found in the Devil's Throat in the truck by a Dead Prospector.

Lucky - Found in the floor safe of the bottom floor of Primm's Bison Steve Hotel. In order to gain access to it you need a lockpick skill of 75.

Oh, Baby - Found in Charleston Cave on/around the dead nightkin.

Mysterious Magnum - Found on the lone stranger. Can be obtained either by killing him or through barter when recruiting him for Tommy Torrini.

The Humble Cudgel - Found in the locked room of the Eastern Sewers. After finding Logan's, you can then find on Blind Logan or Sweet Jill. Also found on/around the Dead Prospector's body. There will be ghouls to deal with in there.

Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle - Found at the Sniper's Nest in a locked case that requires lockpick of 100.

Ratslayer - Found in the Broc Flower Cave in the Laboratory.

Big Boomer - Found on Old Lady Gibbson. Can only be obtained after killing her.

Vance's 9mm Sub-Machine Gun - Found in the safe of Sam and Pauline West's house that is found north of Westside.

Pew Pew - Found on Allen Mark's dead body in the treasure room of the Sunset Sarsaparilla Factory.

Euclid's C finder - Found on Max in Freeside. You can either buy it for 1000 caps or 10 through barter.

Annabelle - Found on Tabitha if you choose to kill her at Black Mountain.

Thump-Thump - Found next to a skeleton in the Nellis Array building.

Knock-Knock - Found near skeleton in bathroom stall in Searchlight's firestation.

Abilene Kid LE BB gun - Found in Field's Shack.

Holy Frag Grenades - Found in the church basement in Camp Searchlight. Two Golden Geckos guard it.

Liberator - Found on Dead Sea at Nelson. Can be obtained either by killing him or taking out all troops at Camp Forlorn Hope.

Nephi's Golf Driver - Found on Driver Nephi's dead body in Fiend Territory.

Golden Gloves - Found on Display in the casino floor of the Lucky 38.

Recompense of the Falcon - Found on Aurlius of Phoenix/in his desk.

Paladin Toaster - Found on/around Dead Prospector in Black Rock Cave. Guarded by Nightkin.

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