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Fallout: New Vegas Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Fallout: New Vegas
Game Description: If you thought Las Vegas was exciting, get ready for the sights and sounds of New Vegas. A product of Vault-Tec, America's "First Choice in Post-Nuclear Simulation," New Vegas lets you journey through the Great Southwest wastelands from safety in your own vault. Not only will you meet interesting new people, you'll have the latest high-tech weapons, and it's a good thing, because you'll confront dangerous and terrifying creatures. In your journey across the wasteland of the Mojave, you may think you've prepared for every possibility, but be warned: in New Vegas, fortunes can change in the blink of an eye.


List of Unique Weapons Continued cheat for Fallout: New Vegas on Xbox 360

game name:

Fallout: New Vegas

cheat title:

List of Unique Weapons Continued


That Gun - Found on Cliff Briscoe when you ask him to open up his inventory.

This Machine - Given by Contreras at the McCarran Airport if he isn't turned in (and after finishing sidequest Dealing With Contreras) or Liuetenant Boyd if he is.

Maria - A unique 9mm gun that is found on Benny. Can be collected if you kill him.

La Longue Carbine - Found on Corporal Sterling at McCarran Airport. If not it is most likely that he and First Recon can be found at Camp Forlorn Hope.

Dinner Bell - Given by Red Lucy at the Thorn after completing the quest Bleed Me Dry.

All-American - Found in Vault 34's Armory. It is located on the right side of the area on/around an overturned table.

Missing Laser Pistol - Important to the side-quest Pistol Packing. Can be found near a corpse in Scorpion Gulch.

YCS/186 - Found at a Mercenary camp near Brook's Tumbleweed Ranch. If the player has the wild wasteland perk the mercenaries are replaced with aliens which instead yield the Alien Blaster.

AER 14 prototype - Go to the Pest Control floor of Vault 22. Head to the Staircase that leads to the common area. The AER is found next to a skeleton.

Van Graff Laser/Plasma Rifle - Given to the player after completing the quest Birds of a Feather. You can only take one or the other.

Q-35 Matter Modulator - Found in the REPCONN Headquarters behind a door that requires a lockpick skill of 100 to open.

Mercy - Found in Dead Wind Cavern by a dead Brotherhood of Steel Soldier. Guarded by many Deathclaws including the Legendary Deathclaw.

Blade of the East - Found on Legate Lanius after defeating him at the Battle of Hoover Dam. When collected you have a very limited amount of time to use it.

Chopper - Found on the stovetop in the shack of Wolf Horn Ranch.

Chance's Knife - Found in Chance's Grave in the Tribal Village North of Goodsprings. A shovel is required to open the grave.

Figaro - A unique knife that is found on Sergio in the King's School of Impersonation. Can be pickpocketed from him or obtained after killing him.

Cram Opener - Found on Little Buster. Can be looted from his corpse after killing him or by finishing Dhatri's Three-Card Bounty Mission, waiting for two game days and heading to Freeside's North Gate's Railroad Tracks.

Pushy - Found on a dead Jackal Gang member near the dry tunnel entrance in Ruby Hill Mine.

Love and Hate - Found at Bonnie Springs on a Viper Gang Leader.

Codac R9000 - Not a weapon. A camera, it is given by Michael Angelo at the beginning of the quest Classic Inspiration.

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