Don’t Expect the Playstation 4 at this Year’s E3

Kaz Hirai with a PS3Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) in Las Vegas, Sony top dog Kaz Hirai has said that the company will not be announcing the Playstation 4 later on this year at E3 (specifically, in June).

Kaz pretty much said that Andrew House’s earlier comments regarding any announcements at E3 were correct. House, who is Sony’s gaming division head, had said that there is no plans to reveal the PS4 at E3.  Kaz also added his own views on the issue saying, “I’ve always said a 10-year life cycle for PS3, and there is no reason to go away from that.”

So there you have it. Sony are sticking to their life cycle plan for the current gen PS3 and there will be no Playstation 4 at E3. Makes you wonder if Microsoft have got something up their sleeves now or not now…

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