10 Years of Xbox Gaming

A decade of Xbox gaming and how far we’ve come. 10 years ago, on 15 November 2001, Microsoft released the first Xbox console to the masses. The original Xbox was an oversized Pentium III powered beast that didn’t utterly dominate that generation of console gaming, but instead did extremely well to keep up with the more mature and developed Playstation brand (let’s be honest here). That said, there can be no doubt that the original Xbox laid the foundations for the success the Xbox 360 is currently enjoying, having undoubtedly won this generation of the console gaming battle.

Xbox Decade

We’re looking forward to the next generation of console gaming (whenever that might be), but with the release of Kinect and a plethora of quality titles continuing to be made, one thing for sure is that the Xbox 360 has a lot of life in it yet!

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