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How to Watch X1 Kill the PS4 at E3 (Plus Some Memes)

Microsoft has been taking a beating in the media and on social networks over the Xbox One reveal event with many people believing there was too much focus on TV and sports and not enough focus on games. That said, … Continue reading

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Rest in Peace, Resident Evil

As hyped as I might have been before E3 for Resident Evil 6, the recent gameplay shown at the gaming industry’s biggest trade show has all but killed my excitement for Capcom’s latest iteration of the popular RE franchise. The … Continue reading

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Confirmed: No Xbox 360 Successor at E3

For those of you anxiously waiting on E3 to arrive along with a possible announcement on the Xbox 360’s successor, also known as the Xbox 720 or by its codename “Durango”, we hate to disappoint you, but… Speaking recently to … Continue reading

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Don’t Expect the Playstation 4 at this Year’s E3

Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) in Las Vegas, Sony top dog Kaz Hirai has said that the company will not be announcing the Playstation 4 later on this year at E3 (specifically, in June). Kaz pretty much said … Continue reading

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