Xbox 720 Arriving Late 2013 with Outdated GPU?

AMD Radeon 6670The Xbox Next/Xbox 720/Xbox Loop/Xbox Ten will be released in late October or early November next year and have a graphics processing unit (GPU) that is approximately six times more powerful than that found in the current Xbox 360.  All that hinges however, on IGN’s “sources close to the project” being correct.

Those sources have said that mass production of the next Xbox’s GPU will begin by the end of this year and that it will be based on AMD’s 6000 series of GPUs, which were first released last year. Specifcally, the sources said it will be most similar to the Radeon HD 6670, variants of which can currently be purchased for well under $100.

I can’t say this is very believable – if IGN’s sources are correct, the GPU of the next Xbox will be vastly outdated by the time the console is released (in fact well before).  It would certainly leave the door wide open for Sony to come in with a superior console with the Playstation 4.

We shall see what comes of this rumor over the next few days…

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  • BigHouse

    This is the most ridiculous “rumor” I’ve heard in a long time. If Microsoft are so concerned about making sure their consoles are viable for a long time (extending the life cycle), then why would they instantly put themselves on the back foot by including an inferior GPU. What a load of bull!