Xbox360Cheats Christmas and New Years Game Giveaway

Xbox 360 Game GiveawayAs a way of saying thanks to the Xbox 360 Cheats community we are holding a game giveaway contest that runs from now until 15 January, with two lucky winners each walking away with a Xbox 360 game of their choice.

How to enter

There are four different ways to enter this giveaway and you can use any number you like for one entry each!

1. Simply make a comment on this post below telling us what your current favorite Xbox 360 game is.

2. Like both the Xbox 360 Cheats Facebook Page AND this contest page (you can do the later by clicking the little “Like” button at the bottom of this post, next to the Tweet button).

3. Plus one both Xbox 360 Cheats on Google+ AND plus one this contest page (you can do the later by clicking the small “+1″ icon at the bottom of this post).

4. Follow Xbox 360 Cheats on Twitter AND tweet about the contest (being sure to include the contest URL and the hashtag #xbox360cheats).


At the end of the contest we will draw two winners at random, who will each receive an Xbox 360 game of their choice delivered straight to his or her door!

Drawing the Winners

Entries close off on 15 January 2012 (one month away) at 11:59pm PST time.  After that, we’ll choose the two winners at random from all the entries received.


Entry to this giveaway is limited to residents of the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Please also check here for additional rules.

Good luck!

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  • Maxi

    Count me in – fav game is Skyrim!

    • http://facebook dan

      Cool Halo:CE ANniversary

  • http://xbox360cheats jamie bradbury

    count me in fav game is mass effect

  • http://facebook zak george

    my faviourate game is need for speed the run but i broke :(

  • TooSlowOkumura

    My favorite game right now is MW3 but I’m hoping to get Skyrim ^-^

  • BigHouse

    I wanna win! Best game at the moment is Battlefield 3!

  • steff

    modern warfare 3!

  • steff

    like you on FB and this post steph sweeper

  • Megatron1328

    My favorite game right now is ultamate marvel vs capcom 3

  • JEngasKool

    At the moment my fave game is WWE 2012

  • Brian Nowak


  • dan n

    Gears of war 3

  • Dmytro Brin

    favorite Halo:CE A

  • http://facebook lizzie

    how do i enter in 😀 i like MW3

  • daniel

    MW3 is the best online 😀

  • malcolm

    count me in my favorite game is viva pinata TIP

  • Leah Baird

    Batman Arkham City is my favorite game.

  • Leah Baird

    Like both XBOX cheats and this page on Facebook
    Leah Baird

  • Leah Baird

    follow XBOX 360 cheats on twitter @lnb1191

  • Alex

    Count me in my fav game is wanted

  • Chris DuBurg

    Thanks for the entries all – keep them coming!

  • Eleonora Durasevic

    My kid said MW3 is his favorite game because he has never played BF3 and he and I heard at gamestop that it is really good and I want to get it for him he will be execited for the game.

  • brayden

    Count me In My Favorite game is COD-MW 3

  • chance

    My current game is halo odst

  • juice

    well every game is my fav if is on xbox platform..:))) HAPPY XMASS LADS..:)

  • mustafa

    my fav game is mw3 and fifa 12 _ hope i win

  • Noelle Cagle

    i liked both the site and this page

  • Noelle Cagle

    Kinect Disney Adventures

  • dougiemasdawg

    need for speed the run

  • kieran hobbs

    I would like mw3 becaus emy brother got it yesterday and he wanted to play with me online but i dnt have mw3 so if u pik me i will be very grateful cheers ~ kieran

    • http://xbox360cheats cameron

      ye same most of my mates have mw3 thats why i really want it but i have battle field 3 and all my friends ask me to join a party on mw3 and i dont have it so i would love to be picked

      • http://xbox360cheats cody

        same here

  • LifeSong

    Favorite game for the Xbox is Call of Duty Black Ops

  • Cody Jordan

    My favorite game is Forza Motorsports 4.

  • Matthew Nance

    My Favorite Game is

  • Jack

    My favorite game is brothers in arms hells highway

  • http://yahoo Alexis

    My favorite is Dall Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

  • http://yahoo Alexis

    My Favorite is Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

  • Thaddaeous

    my fav is a toss up between “Call of Duty: MW3″ and Black Ops

  • Tristan Taylor

    Hey my fav game is call of duty black ops.

  • http://xbox360cheats cameron

    im in i love cod mw3

  • http://xbox360cheats cody


  • Ryan

    My Favorite is Dragon Age II.

  • Mathias Damgaard

    i already have call of duty modern warfare 3 so i want Scyrim 😀

  • Mathias Damgaard

    sorry skyrim *

  • Bradley Mason

    Count me in!!!!!! My favorite game is The Orange Box.

  • paz’zae

    my favorite game is acr.

  • joke


  • Zachary Burhans

    Halo Reach

  • jessica moore

    would love skyrim, but would be happy with anything thanks so much.
    i have done 1-3 can’t do 4 as i don’t have twitter
    cheers for great opportunity

  • Courtney boswell

    Mine is MW3! giiirl gamer 😉

  • Donna Bunyard


  • devon

    Hey my altime favorite is Skyrim

  • devon

    Skyrim is my fav

  • Elmer Peiffer

    my current favorite game is Final Fantasy XIII on the 360, still love the gameplay

  • raymond

    my fav game is RAGE
    really hope i get it ha i barely have like 3 games

  • Aaron Reeks

    My favorite has to be NFS: The Run, Completed it on standard difficulty fairly easily, however extreme mode is utterly insane, dont think i have ever reset a stage so many times before, The graphics on it are amazingly real, spent about 15 hours onit so far, and got a lot more to go!

  • G.McFarlane

    For my son who loves MW.1 2 3…He really wants to try RAGE! TY! :)

  • Melodie Pierson

    My favorite game right now is Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

  • Melissa

    my favorite game is Call Of Duty Black Ops!!

  • Michael

    My favorite game is Halo 2!

  • http://yahoo che

    my fav game right now is mw3

  • crystal

    my son loves his grand theft auto iv game.

  • Andrew Petrella

    my fav game is halo reach but would want halo 4

  • Jeremy Garcia

    i love xbox360 cheats its helped me alot and my fav game is mortal kombaat dc universe

  • http://Xbox360cheatsfacebook Daniel Pryor


  • Jimmy dejohn

    My favroite game of all time is gears of war-3

  • chris giblin

    fifa 12

  • Amy Hopper

    My current favorite Xbox 360 game is Skyrim.

  • http://facebook mitchell

    im in favourite game is saints row the third

  • edward

    Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit 2 :)

  • Dominic Quinn

    My favorite game at the moment has to be Skyrim. Killing dragons as a feral cat donning armour and a huge steel sword. What more could you want?!

  • Dominic Quinn

    Forgot… please could I have Rage.

  • Emily

    I think the man in my life would LOVE sky rim 😉

  • Quinn van Gemerden

    my fav is portal 2

  • Austin Baroudi

    My favorite game right now woukld have to be Skyrim.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I liked the facebook page and the contest page as Austin Baroudi.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I plus 1’d xbox 360 cheats and the contest page on google+ as Austin Baroudi.

  • Austin Baroudi

    I’m following on twitter and tweeted as austieb7.

  • Richard Pellor

    this site is cool and neat

  • Natasha Standing

    Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure would have to be on the top of my must have list at the moment.

  • ahver


  • Kris Greenberg

    My Fav Is Forza 4

  • Corry

    +1’d, commented and tweeted. Extra credit for all 3 plz?

  • tush

    best game at the minute is skyrim

  • leoninesith tha mbj

    Hello I heard Skyrim is a good game.

  • rhys

    the game i like is call of duty mw3 it is the best game

  • Argon

    My favourite game is Skyrim :) As I already have it I’d love to see me winning halo 1 !

  • brandon

    count me in_ i like battlefield 3 and i would like to recive it also

  • hunter

    halo baby!

  • lisa


  • ashly


  • Gary Hanson

    I would love to win! My favorite game is L.A. Noire. Maybe it is time for a new favorite game???

  • paul gwynne

    winning wld be amazing but my fave games are the call of duty just need mw3 nowi also love the godfather 2 its so hard 2 pick just 1 cos they make so many good games

  • Daniel Yeates

    Hello, my favourite game at the moment is Gand Theft Auto IV, but winning would be great.


  • Josiah Y

    My favorite XBox 360 game is currently Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

  • jake

    my favorite is mw3 dont have enough money to get it though

  • jake clap

    my favorite is mw3

  • simon

    i LOVE left fot dead 2!!! omg yum

  • simon

    i mean left for dead!! <3

  • http://xbox360 logan


  • Bailey

    can we get games that haven’t come out yet? cause id like to have fable the journey, if not skyrim is just as good. oh and my favorite game is batman Arkham city. 

  • Danaroyal

    My favorite. Game is call of duty mw3 and rage there both great games