Black Ops 2 Announcement May 2?

A promotional poster for the next Call of Duty game has been leaked and it looks like we are going to get the first bits of information on the game next month, May 2 to be specific.

Black Ops 2 Poster

A retail source apparently forwarded the image above to Kotaku. As you can see it is in the Call of Duty text style that we are all so familiar with… not to mention the soldier in the background and the Activision and Treyarch logos are a bit of a giveaway too!

The poster simply says “05.02.12 – Return for Debriefing”. Activision have already said that a new Call of Duty game will arrive this year (widely rumored to be Black Ops 2), and as the year progresses, the news flow is likely to increase significantly too. Let’s see what May 2 brings!

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