Max Payne 3 TV Commercial and GTA 5 Pre-Order Bonus

Future Shop, a Canadian store owned by Best Buy, has recently put out a mailer that contains a sweet deal for fans of both Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto, and also contains a predicted release date on the later title.

Future Shop GTA 5

As seen in this post over at GTA5C, when you pre-order Max Payne 3 through Future Shop, you’ll also get a $20 discount off a copy of Grand Theft Auto V when it’s released. Not only that though, but Future Shop have an “available” date for GTA 5 of Winter 2012. This would put it right before Christmas through until the period ending March 2013. As GTA 5 Cheats points out, we wouldn’t be complaining with a pre-Christmas release!

Turning back to Max Payne 3, the official TV commercial for the game premiered last night during the Lakers/Spurs game on ESPN. In case you missed it, simply take a look below.

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