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Left 4 Dead Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Left 4 Dead
  • Game Description: Left 4 Dead game mainly focuses on teamwork and cooperation. Basically it is a first person shooter game and it is available for windows based personnel computer and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 version of the Left 4 Dead has the same features and mode as PC version. Matchmaking system is also available for online game in this version. Colored outline of players are visible through walls that helps to control their movement. The player who is playing as a first person can take control of survivors. In advanced and expert modes of this game, friendly fire is turned on. Friendly fire is not activated in easy mode of the game. Quick menus manage the voice commands that help in communication between survivors. The whole game is divided in four scenarios and each scenario has been divided in several sections. "Boss infected" can also give some special command like the Tank's throw, Smoker's tongue-choke, Boomer's vomit and Hunter's pounce. With next generation, AI for survivors and superior graphics Left 4 Dead is set to revolutionize the gaming world.

Hunter Parkour cheat for Left 4 Dead on Xbox 360

When you are a Hunter, either in versus or survival, crouch (LB on Xbox 360) and jump (RT on Xbox 360) at a wall or a pole or anything tall.
The second you touch the object, press the button you use to turn 180' degrees (RB on Xbox 360) and when you do this, jump again.
When this is seen in third person, or through a survivor's/infected eyes, it'll show you jumping off the object, basically doing a "wall jump".
This can help you scale large buildings to get a drop on players, as well as that extra damage.
It can also help you go across the map much faster.

Game Name: Left 4 Dead

Cheat Name: Hunter Parkour

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