Rumored Personnel Changes at Xbox, Next Xbox Set for Release 2013

Xbox 720CNET apparently has the inside word on when the Xbox 720/Xbox Next/Xbox Loop/Xbox Ten (phew…) is going to land, citing an unnamed Xbox team member as confirming that the 360’s successor will arrive in 2013. Of course all this is unofficial though, and Microsoft declined to comment on the timing when asked by CNET. It has also been reported that Microsoft could be set to reveal the console at E3 in January next year, or at least make some sort of announcement about it.  We believe the later is the much more likely scenario.

According to CNET two Microsoft sources have also said that Don Coyner is no longer the leader of the design and experience group for Xbox. Coyner has apparently been replaced by Emma Williams, who helped lead the just-launched redesign of the Xbox dashboard (details here).

I can’t comment on the truthfulness of the personnel changes, but 2013 sounds a lot more believable than 2012 in terms of when the next Xbox will be released. What do you say?

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