Next Xbox Chip Reportedly Ready for Manufacture

Xbox 720The chip Microsoft plan on using in the next Xbox (aka Xbox Next, Loop, Xbox 720, etc) has reportedly been taped out. A “tape out” is when the design for a chip is complete and ready to be sent off for manufacture.

Sources close to SemiAccurate have told them that the chip just taped out and that mass production is scheduled to begin in December next year. All the time in between now and then would be used to basically finalize the design of the console, all the hardware and software, and to bug test it all. Taking that timeframe a step further, and adding on another six months for mass production of the final console and stockpiling for launch quantities, and the next Xbox could launch around the middle of 2013.

Hopefully more information on the alleged chip Microsoft plan on using for Xbox 720 will be released or leaked in the coming days and weeks, and we’ll make sure we publish it right here for you.

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