Halo 4 Coming to Xbox 360, Suggests Xbox 720 Earliest in 2013

With all the recent rumors regarding the Xbox 720/Xbox Ten/Xbox Loop, talk has also been surfacing that Halo 4 will be a launch title on the new console – it’s an obvious choice after all. In addition, the possibility of Halo 4 being a launch title also has repercussions in respect of when we can expect to see Microsoft’s next generation console on store shelves.

Halo Logo

Well, Frank O’Connor from 343 Industries has put the rumors to rest and Halo 4 will not be a launch title for the next Xbox. For those of you who aren’t aware, 343 Industries is a studio created by Microsoft Games to oversee the development of the Halo franchise. O’Connor posted in the NeoGAF forums, under the nickname OuterWorldVoice:

Halo 4 will be on Xbox 360 and use a modified core of the Halo engine(s). Not really a singular engine since it goes through fairly radical evolutions all the time.

With Halo 4 being a while away yet (the currently assumed release date is sometime in 2012), it would suggest that the next Xbox is an even longer time away from being released (maybe holidays 2013?). There is no way that Microsoft is going to launch a new title in the most popular Xbox franchise ever and then move straight on to an entirely new console.

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