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Xbox 720 Development Kits Spotted in the Wild

It seems that some developers already have their hands on development kits for the next generation Xbox console, codenamed Durango. Recently, a user by the name of DaE tried to sell the dev kits on the AssemblerGames forums for the … Continue reading

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Madden 13’s Kinect Voice Integration – Gimmick or Evolution?

Hearing EA officials call the forthcoming game in the Madden series “the next big innovation” year in and year out is nearly cringe worthy – but it appears that for once, the enhancements promised at this year’s E3 might prove … Continue reading

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How the Xbox 360 Defied Traditional Console Sales Trends

If you said back in 2005 that the Xbox 360 would be pushing more units than the most popular video game console of all time (PS2) did at a similar point in its life cycle most gamers would dismiss you … Continue reading

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Internet Explorer to Bring Kinect-Controlled Browsing to Xbox 360

According to recent news from The Verge, Microsoft is allegedly doing internal testing on an upcoming Internet Explorer app for the Xbox 360, which is controllable using Kinect voice commands. The browser is said to be a modified version of … Continue reading

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Rumor: Microsoft to Unveil Kinect Play Fit

According to sources from The Verge it appears that Microsoft is going to launch an exercise tracking system for the Kinect entitled Play Fit. The software will collect data across multiple Kinect-based exercise games and store them in the cloud. In … Continue reading

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3 Things the Next Xbox Must Have

With rumors of a new Xbox already being manufactured, speculation has begun to run rampant through the industry as hypothesized technical specifications and other hardware-specific gossip circulates amongst gamers curious to see what Microsoft has in store for the future. … Continue reading

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$99 Xbox 360 and Kinect Bundle Rumored to Launch Next Week – With a Catch

According to sources at  The Verge, Microsoft will unveil a new Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle next week. The price – an unfathomably low $99. Considering that the 4GB Knect bundle is currently priced at $299, logic would dictate that … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 “Kinect Star Wars” Console Arriving April

We finally have an official, new release date for Kinect Star Wars and the Xbox 360 Limited Edition “Kinect Star Wars” console bundle – 3 April is the big day you need to circle in your calendars! As you can … Continue reading

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CES 2012: 66 Million Xbox 360’s Sold

Prior to Steve Ballmer’s keynote speech at CES 2012, which hasn’t really offered anything new by the way, including no announcement of the Xbox 720 (details here), Microsoft released a 2011 highlight reel for the Xbox 360. According to the … Continue reading

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