Xbox 720 Development Kits Spotted in the Wild

It seems that some developers already have their hands on development kits for the next generation Xbox console, codenamed Durango. Recently, a user by the name of DaE tried to sell the dev kits on the AssemblerGames forums for the tidy sum of $10,000, only to be told the device was a hoax. Initially, it was suspected that was true, however after Digital Foundry released a statement from multiple developers concerning the nature of the images, it appears that these pictures are, indeed, real.

While the development kit itself appears to be nothing more than a nondescript black box (unlike the Xbox 360 dev kits, which resemble modded 360s), some of the images released today showcase the interface of the dev kit, including the now-ubiquitous codename Durango. It appears that even developers haven’t received the official name of the next Xbox, but are able to begin development on the games for the upcoming platform.

Sources claim that the development kit is currently sporting 8GBs of RAM (!) alongside an NVIDIA graphics chip and Intel processors. Although unconfirmed as of now, it’s quite possible that with cost of RAM rapidly declining and the joint partnership of NVIDIA and Intel, such specs aren’t entirely out of the question. DirectX 11 support is almost certainly in with this hardware, and it appears that an updated, next-gen Kinect could also accompany Durango’s launch.

With development kits already in the hands of developers and rumors of specs finally beginning to emerge, is it possible that this year could be the last gasp of the current generation of gaming? We’ll be sure to keep our eyes on this story as it develops, but there’s certainly a lot of food for thought cooking on the rumor mill’s stove.

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