Rumor: Microsoft to Unveil Kinect Play Fit

According to sources from The Verge it appears that Microsoft is going to launch an exercise tracking system for the Kinect entitled Play Fit. The software will collect data across multiple Kinect-based exercise games and store them in the cloud. In addition, a hardware accessory designed to track a player’s heart-rate, codenamed Joule,  is also seemingly in the works.

The Joule is a wireless product compatible with most Kinect games, but will not be required for those hoping to utilize the tracking software of Kinect Play Fit. The good news is that Kinect Play Fit will likely come packaged as part of a software update, and may not cost a red penny – or green MS point, depending on your perspective.

Expect to hear more about Kinect Play Fit, the Joule and the future of the Xbox 360’s dashboard at E3 next month.

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