Internet Explorer to Bring Kinect-Controlled Browsing to Xbox 360

Internet Explorer to Bring Kinect-Controlled Browsing to Xbox 360

According to recent news from The Verge, Microsoft is allegedly doing internal testing on an upcoming Internet Explorer app for the Xbox 360, which is controllable using Kinect voice commands. The browser is said to be a modified version of the recently released Internet Explorer 9, and will allow fully-functional browsing capabilities similar to that of a desktop computer.

Whether or not anyone actually wants this capability after the PS3 failed to deliver an interesting browser experience is something we’ll find out when the browser goes live. With E3 coming up on the horizon, it’s quite likely that we’ll receive a demo of this new functionality, but the Internet Explorer brand isn’t exactly something that is viewed favorably by the masses. An all-new slew of problems could arise from this move, and unless Microsoft implements powerful countermeasures for online-based viruses and worms, users may not feel comfortable browsing the web on their 360. The Kinect functionality is an appreciated touch, but it’s likely that the commands will be similar to those found in the Netflix app.

What do you think? Is console browsing even worthwhile? Do you even use Internet Explorer? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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