Save Over 50% Off Saint’s Row 3

I don’t usually post one-off deals on Xbox 360 games, but this one is pretty sweet and Christmas is almost upon us. Best Buy are currently offering Saint’s Row: The Third at just over 50% off, bringing the price down from $59.99 to $29.99 – a virtual steal in anyone’s book!

If you’re wondering whether you might wanna purchase THQ’s crazy, over the top action shooter (and one which we can confirm is definitely not simply a Grand Theft Auto clone) then make sure you check out our Saint’s Row: The Third review. Also, for those of you who like a little extra competitive advantage in your gaming, there are plenty of Saint’s Row 3 cheats floating around.  Personally, I find cheats to be very helpful in adding extra longevity to a title once you have it beaten.

Saints Row: The Third Logo

PS: if you happen to have a Playstation 3, Best Buy are also running the same deal on that version of the game!

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