Saints Row: The Third Cheats Leaked, Some Provided as DLC

Saints Row: The Third has been officially released and with it, various cheat codes for the game have also been leaked online – all of which we have right here for you. As you will see there are literally dozens of cheats, most of them enabling you to spawn vehicles on the spot, change the weather, alter gang notoriety or give you more money and weapons (most importantly)!

However, if you want infinite health, unlimited clips for your weapons, infinite mass for your vehicles and bigger, badder explosions then it looks like you’ll need to pay for it. The Saints Row: The Third Invicible Pack is available for $2.99 USD as DLC and the move to charge for cheats by THQ follows a similar tactic used by Capcom in respect of them charging gamers to unlock cheats for Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. Is this some sort of new trend? We certainly hope not! Cheats have never been paid-for and it simply isn’t in the spirit of gaming! We’ll see how long it lasts… and in the meantime there is still plenty of other, free cheats that you can enjoy and use in the game.

PS: Just in case your were wondering just how crazy Saints Row: The Third is, check out the launch trailer below and any doubts will be erased. We’ll have our review of the game up shortly!

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