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Save Over 50% Off Saint’s Row 3

I don’t usually post one-off deals on Xbox 360 games, but this one is pretty sweet and Christmas is almost upon us. Best Buy are currently offering Saint’s Row: The Third at just over 50% off, bringing the price down from $59.99 … Continue reading

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Saint’s Row: The Third Review

While some consider Saint’s Row to be nothing more than a Grand Theft Auto rip-off, those that follow the series can testify that it’s anything but. I’ve had a copy here for the last few days and beyond the obvious … Continue reading

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New Saints Row: The Third “Pimps and Gimps” Trailer

All the GTAV rumors, trailers and chatter flying around left, right and center hasn’t stopped THQ from continuing to publish new trailers for Saints Row: The Third, which is due to be released in less than two weeks on 15 … Continue reading

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