What a 5,000 Day Call of Duty Ban Means

This post is meant to be more of a helpful warning than anything else. By now you’ve probably heard about Electronic Arts’ banning of players from Modern Warfare 3. Reasoning for bans mostly relates to players try to hack the game or otherwise abuse its mechanics. In some cases people have also found themselves on the wrong side of EA and banned for a few days just because of something they said in the EA forums, but we won’t go there (just watch what you say on EA sites!).

Anyway, news of the first permanent Modern Warfare 3 ban has filtered through today, with someone getting a 5,000 day sentence (roughly equivalent to just under 14 years). I think that would pretty much rule them out of Modern Warfare 4, all the way up to maybe Modern Warfare 10 (if you take the Black Ops series into account and a yearly Call of Duty release schedule). Yup, their days of Call of Duty gaming are over for quite some time…

Just make sure you don’t get anything like the image below popping up on your screens!

Call of Duty Ban

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