Saints Row: The Third a Pre-Order Hit

Saints Row: The Third LogoSaints Row: The Third, which is set to be released on 15 November 2011, is a pre-order hit according to the CEO and President of THQ, Brian Farrell.

During the software company’s quarterly earnings conference call last week, Farrell said that Saints Row: The Third had four times the number of preorders that its predecessor, Saints Row 2, had at the same two week mark prior to release.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean more sales. Farrell also said that THQ expects to ship over three million copies of Saints Row: The Third before the end of March 2012. This can be compared to the 2.6 million copies of Saints Row 2 that were shipped in the (roughly) six month timeframe after its release.

The numbers above would mean THQ expect Saints Row: The Third to sell approximately 1.5 times faster than Saints Row 2, however you need to remember that as time goes on, sales slow down for any game. Saints Row: The Third is unlikely to still be selling three million copies every four and half months for a whole year or more.

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