Grid 2 Officially Announced, Trailer Released

After its recent teaser trailer, Codemasters has pulled back the curtain on Grid 2, a sequel to the popular street racer from several years ago. After the success of the DiRT franchise, Grid fell off the map for awhile, much to the chagrin of drift kings and urban racing professionals around the world who enjoyed the game’s unique blend of realism and arcade racing. Those cries of dismay should be silenced by the recent announcement of the Grid 2, but in case you’re still muttering a bit, the following trailer should silence your concerns. Have a look after the jump!

Grid 2 is going to be considerably more than just another racing game. Supposedly, the game will be placing more focus on the characterization of the race, and will be injecting some personality into the race-to-race antics that typically compose the majority of the experience. In addition, some changes to the handling model, which was already pretty great, are going to be giving gamers a much more engaging and visceral experience for those looking to get as immersed in the game as possible.

For more on Grid 2 as it develops, stay tuned to Xbox 360 Cheats.

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