Need for Speed Most Wanted Gets a Multiplayer Teaser

The reboot of the Need for Speed franchise’s Most Wanted iteration has been gaining a lot of attention lately, probably because it shares the exact same name as the game it is updating, which is a bit strange. However, with Burnout veterans, Criterion at the helm this time around, it appears that we may actually have a much more intense and crash-heavy Need for Speed title on our hands. Hot Pursuit was an excellent addition to the Need for Speed franchise, and it appears that the update of Most Wanted is going to follow in the footsteps of that particular game’s blueprint based on this brief multiplayer teaser. Check it out after the jump!

A lot of people don’t like the whole “trailer for a trailer” concept, but as far as reminding people that, “oh yea, hey, by the way, we’re making a multiplayer component to this game!” these teasers actually do a good job of getting people psyched up. According to the teaser, the full trailer for Need for Speed Most Wanted will be released this upcoming week, on August 14. You can bet that it’ll appear here on Xbox 360 Cheats the second it goes live, so be sure to hang around for updates on the hotly anticipated title as it develops.

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