Confirmed: No Xbox 360 Successor at E3

Xbox 720For those of you anxiously waiting on E3 to arrive along with a possible announcement on the Xbox 360’s successor, also known as the Xbox 720 or by its codename “Durango”, we hate to disappoint you, but…

Speaking recently to financial news company Bloomberg, Microsoft spokesperson David Dennis said that 2012 is all about the Xbox 360 and there will be no talk of new Xbox hardware (let alone a successor console) at E3 in June – or any time soon!

So we’re sorry to say you’re all in for a wait for news on new Xbox console. On the flip side there is not going to be a new Playstation console announcement either, so no need to fret that our Sony-inclined friends might be getting one up…

Check out our previous news and rumors on the Xbox successor right here.

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