Rumor: Next Gen Xbox “Devkits” in Circulation

Xbox 720Another day, another rumor.  This time concerning the release of the successor to the Xbox 360.  Edge is reporting that Ubisoft Montreal is working on so-called “target boxes” that are based on what are intended to be the specifications of the future Xbox 720/Xbox Ten/Xbox Loop (no detail on what those specs might be at this stage).  In addition, apparently the first actual development kits for the Xbox 720 are due to be shipped out before Christmas this year with the new console itself being available late 2012 (maybe November by chance?).

Edge understands that the current “target boxes” are running on Microsoft components and that several studios are in possession of them, including Electronic Arts.  AMD is said to be providing a “bespoke GPU solution” for the new Xbox console.  My guess is we are gonna need to wait until CES in January next year before any of these rumors are either debunked or proven.

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