Microsoft France: No Xbox 720 Announcement in 2012

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With all the rumors regarding Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360 currently swirling around, it was nice to see an official comment on the matter from Cedrick Delmax, who is marketing director of Microsoft France.

As reported by the website Develop, Delmax said in an interview with a French publicaion that, “I am not convinced things will happen this year”. Delmax also reiterated that Microsoft intend this generation of gaming console to have a longer life-cycle than that of the original Xbox, saying, “Xbox 360’s cycle is not at all finished. The proof is that we don’t see the logic in cutting the price this year”.

Finally, Delmax said, “E3 is still premature. What’s certain is that there’ll be nothing new in 2012″.

It’s all very interesting given that according to this recent report the Xbox 720 is meant to be coming in late 2013… Maybe Microsoft will announce and release the console in the same year, or maybe we really are going to have to wait until 2014 or beyond!

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