Bethesda Release Skyrim PC Patch 1.3, Xbox 360 Version Following

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim LogoBethesda have released patch update 1.3 for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PC and have also sent the patch away to Microsoft and Sony for certification. Certification is required in respect of all PS3 and Xbox 360 game patches before they are released over the Playstation Network and Xbox Live respectively.

The official notes for Skyrim patch 1.3 are below and look like they fix a lot of the issues that were introduced with the release of the 1.2 patch a couple of weeks back.

Update 1.3 Notes (all platforms unless specified)

  • General stability improvements
  • Optimize performance for Core 2 Duo CPUs (PC)
  • Fixed Radiant Story incorrectly filling certain roles
  • Fixed magic resistances not calculating properly
  • Fixed issue with placing books on bookshelves inside player purchased homes
  • Fixed dragon animation issues with saving and loading
  • Fixed Y-look input to scale correctly with framerate
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  • john

    Its about time!

  • Graham

    What about the xbox 360?:S they say they have to send off for PERMISSION…. THIS IS REDICULOUS… it should be the same with the PC then… Pc is microsoft… xbox 360 is MICROSOFT… ps3 is SONY… they should get priorities right in the first place

  • Scott Johnson

    I’m getting fed up with PC gamers getting preferential treatment when it comes to patches for games like Skyrim. A PC more than likely has Windows on it so why doesn’t it require a certification from Microsoft like it does for 360 and PS3 (Sony in the latter case)? This sounds like a crock to me as well as a cop out to us console gamers. I don’t like the PC versions of The Elder Scrolls series because of way too many loading screens interrupting the flow of gameplay. Not only that but PS3 gamers (like myself) got stuck with a half finished product with regards to the gameplay crippling lag. My game save file has grown to an enormous 17MB and is lagging after only 20 mins or so of actual gameplay. Fast traveling seems to make the lag even worse. There’s been no indication of a release date for 360 and PS3 versions of the patch and I’m getting fed up with that. All I’ve seen on the forums so far is PC patch is out with PS3 and X-Box 360 versions coming soon. How soon? Tomorrow? Next week? Next year? Come on Bethesda and cut out the cop outs with console gamers. If you ask me, all versions of the patches should be released on the same day. It’s only fair and what’s right. Get with the program Bethesda and fix the lag issue and the broken quest issue that makes the Main Quest line unfinishable. I’m talking about the quest, A Cornered Rat, where after completing Diplomatic Immunity and talking to Delphine of the Blades, A Cornered Rat fails to trigger, effectively forcing PS3 gamers and some 360 gamers to forfeit any chance of not only completing the game, but forfeiting any chance to obtain all the trophies/achievements for Skyrim. What a crock!

    • Tristan

      Are you retarded? PC loading screens take less than 3 seconds, console loading screens take forever. Also PC doesn’t need microsoft’s permission because it’s not a console, you can download whatever you want on the internet. On Xbox you download through xboxlive meaning you need their permission to put a patch up.

    • Graham

      Sorry about the PS3/Sony Comment, i did not mean to offend, i only meant the fact that pc and 360 is microsoft and ps3 is sony…

    • Thomas Carlsen

      I agree completly

  • Thomas Carlsen

    Partially broken games like Skyrim will continue to be released as long as we consumers don’t take real action. The devs. knew that the post production of this game was not finished by a long shot. They also knew that the fans would be infuriated. But that’s my point, all we do is bitch. What we should do is, when the next game comes out, wait for a month or so. If it turns out that the next games is a buggy, just simply go for another game.

    Money talks and bull**** walks is all I’m saying

    • Graham

      so, if you are saying (for example) modern Warfare 4 is comming out (example bases only), tomorrow… WE hold back for 2-3 months and let the GEEKS (MW fans) test it out themselves, wait for them to bit** and moan “Its broken, it dont work… its so buggy, its worse then Skyrim” etc… we say “yeh, we thought it would be…” we then dont by the game and get something else (Fable IV)… modern warfare will lose money, which will make them DO THEIR BEST TO FIX THE GAME… but, i have enother idea… Bethesda dont fix skyrim… we take skyrim back to the shops (trade-in/cash) and then the figures will still get back to Bethesda (“SH** they are returning skyrim to the shops ? 0.O we have to work this out… fast”) …. if only it was that simple friend

  • Nocturnaliss

    What baffles me with all these comments, is how little understanding you have of these huge games. Huge games WILL, I repeat, WILL always have bugs in them, sometimes even game-breaking ones (Daggerfall anyone?). Why ? It’s impossible to fully play-test a game this large. The gameplay and quests and everything in between is far too intricate for even them to notice what might go wrong.
    Seriously, guys, CHILL. I’m waiting on 1.3 like all Skyrim fans out there. Very impatient to get back to playing, and no I’m not happy either to have to wait for Microsoft’s permission to come through. In the meantime, you can go and have a life before it gets sucked up again by this buggy, but oh so awesome game.

    • confusion

      fair enough that there will always be bugs in a game like this, but Bethesda seems to be taking advantage of that attitude to skip the play testing step altogether. there are at least three major questlines that cannot even be completed due to game breaking bugs, including the main quest. not to mention the patch broke more than it fixed. THAT is unacceptable. I currently have a quest to assassinate someone that is marked essential, which means he is impossible to kill. guess I’ll be missing out on the dark brotherhood until 1.4, hopefully the next patch doesn’t derange things even further.

      • Mattias

        I’ve completed all major quest lines on one of my characters. Do you think, maybe, that there’s a possibility that they didn’t come across the same problems that you did when they tested it? I know, that seems absurd! And to all you whiny little boys, I have the Xbox 360 version, and yes, it is very broken since patch 1.2 came out, but isn’t it obvious that they’re working their asses off to get this game fixed ASAP? Do you really want them to release another patch that stuffs everything up? Xbox live and whatever the PS3 equivilant is need to approve the patch. It’s not Bethesta that’s holding it up, they’ve already submitted it, so just shut up and go outside for a while. There’s a REAL open ended world out there! I know, it’s unfathomable!

  • confusion

    I should also point out that your example of daggerfall is a Bethesda game as well. game breaking bugs are not the norm for all open world games, just for this company.

    • Eglyntine

      Game breaking bugs are not just the norm for this company it happens quite often with other companies as well (Bioware had a couple with Dragon Age 2, ME, and I only name them at this time because I am still hot off of playing that particular game.). A game this size is bound to have a few and really other than the memory leak issue I cannot see where most of this stuff is game breaking. Annoying Yes but you can always go off and do some side quest while you wait for them to fix the bugs with the quest you are working on.

      As for bitching at Bethesda for Xbox and PS3 not having the patches out yet, that is pretty ridiculous since they have no say so whatsoever in the release time of that. Steam has an approval process as well, they were just faster with approving it than Sony or Microsoft. And why should the PC players have to sit around on their thumbs waiting for the patch if it is ready just because Console gamers have the unfortunate luck of having to wait on Microsoft and Sony to get around to approving the patch?

      No one is more annoyed than I am with having to wait. I am playing on the Xbox while my husband is on the PC. He has been patched for a while now and while he is on his second play-through already I have to watch my character get toasted by Fire Dragons because my 50% race resist is not working. Even after the patch it is not going to fix my pickpocket gear giving me minuses instead of pluses to my skill so I will still have to continue to wait and hope on the next patch in a couple of weeks.

      Take a deep breath and think before you rant… 😉

      • Graham

        Hi Eglyntine, i get your point, and it is a valid one… But, this is where you are wrong: and i hate proving women wrong ;)… I have actually spoken to xbox live support yesterday (under the pretence of “wanting to buy the game for my cousin…”) this is what the person in the call center said (and he was english, not foreign by the way)… “Ok, sir. Please wait a few minutes so i can talk to some one about this…” (me waiting)… “… sorry i was a while sir, i have spoken to the people involved in this matter, and they are saying that they have no idea when the 1.3 patch will be out (xbox live dont know when the patch will be out? i thought they had already started approving it :S 0.O)… “you might like to contact Bethesda support on this matter… I can send you the link in email if you would like…” SO WHO THE HELL IS TELLING THE TRUTH?

        • Eglyntine

          I am all for proving women wrong when they are, but having actually been one of the rare women that worked on the Xbox team up until a few years ago and specifically dealing with approving and processing Publisher content. I can tell you that it is all on Microsoft once it is submitted. And a customer service rep is always going to refer a customer to the original Publisher for any and all questions about content including release times, etc.

          • Graham

            the point i was making was… if bethesda sent the patch to microsoft last week, then why did xboxlive say they had not yet received it?

            Any way i am happy THE PACTH IS FINALLY HERE!!!

  • phenomenade-extract-sulphate

    FOR GOD SAKES BETHESDA RELEASE THE CONSOLE PATCHES ALREADY!!! 1.3 was supposed to come out a week ago, and there are NO updates regarding the matter. Not to mention, those with ps3 (I have 360) will still have to wait for an additional update after 1.3, they have to wait till 1.4!

  • Paul

    I don’t care how big the game is, or how many times this has happened with previous games! The bottom line is we are all consumers who have purchased Bethesda’s product and, I can’t comment on everyone elses experiences, but my copy is currently unplayable. If it doesn’t get resolved soon I WILL be returning it.
    If I went out and bought a new car and it wouldn’t turn right, I wouldn’t hang on to it until they could be bothered to fix it!

  • Chris DuBurg