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The Sims 3 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: The Sims 3
  • Game Description: The third full evolution of The Sims returns in the ever-expanding Sim series. The Sims 3, home console version, lets players create Sims with their own unique personalities, while fulfilling their dreams and controlling their lives within the thriving neighborhood. The Sims 3 has other new features that make it easier to mess with lives, such as unlocking the “Karma Powers” for instant control. Players can help their own Sim have instant beauty, get lucky, or conversely, be cursed with an epic fail. But The Sims 3 players should use their powers with care: you never know what the results will be, and karma can bite hard! The Sims 3 features a seamlessly integrated exchange system, as well as gameplay that immerses the player, allowing players to create, build, and share creations, as well as download content from other players from anywhere in the world. With short term and long term problems, you'll earn various rewards, and can connect and share these feats with friends on Facebook.

Hidden Cheat cheat for The Sims 3 on Xbox 360

When you put in the cheat for the llama, you also unlock a hidden cheat. Hold down LT and click on a sim and you can either force age them or change their traits, if it is a sim not in your family you can force age them or add them to active family.

You can also hold down LT and click on the mailbox, like in Sims 2 PC, and do many things such as setting your sim into a certain career or forcing certain sims to come to your place.

Game Name: The Sims 3

Cheat Name: Hidden Cheat

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