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The Sims 3 Xbox 360 Cheats


Achievements cheat for The Sims 3 on Xbox 360

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The Sims 3

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Baby Steps - 5 Gamerpoints - Create a household.
Be Excellent To Each-other - 15 Gamerpoints - Reach the maximum potential Karma.
BFF! - 10 Gamerpoints - Make a best friend.
But it's Inflammable! - 10 Gamerpoints - Extinguish a Sim on fire.
Challenging - 20 Gamerpoints - Complete 50 Challenges.
Child Prodigy - 20 Gamerpoints - Complete a Lifetime Wish before becoming a Young Adult.
Climbing the Ladder - 20 Gamerpoints - Reach level 5 in a career.
Dream Big - 50 Gamerpoints - Complete a Lifetime Wish.
Epic Fail - 15 Gamerpoints - Use the Epic Fail Karma Power on 13 unsuspecting sims not in your family.
Epic Party - 20 Gamerpoints - Throw an awesome party.
Expertise - 25 Gamerpoints - Reach level 10 in a Skill.
Fit For a King - 15 Gamerpoints - Prepare a perfect meal.
Genie - 30 Gamerpoints - Gain 150,000 Lifetime Happiness Points on one Sim.
Graduated - 5 Gamerpoints - Complete the in-game tutorial.
Happiness... It Stacks - 15 Gamerpoints - Get 5 positive moodlets at the same time on one Sim.
Home is Where the Simoleons Are - 10 Gamerpoints - Raise your household's value to §35,000 or more.
How you Doin'? - 10 Gamerpoints - Learn the Charisma Skill.
I Double Dare Ya - 5 Gamerpoints - Explore the catacombs after dark.
It's a Date - 20 Gamerpoints - Go on a date.
Leet Skillz - 25 Gamerpoints - Complete any 10 Skill Journal Milestones.
Mad Skillz - 15 Gamerpoints - Complete any 2 Skill Journal Milestones.
Master Architect - 20 Gamerpoints - Build a home of at least §350,000 property value on a large lot.
Matchmaker - 30 Gamerpoints - Start 5 romantic relationships.
Miracle Worker - 30 Gamerpoints - Complete 1,000 Wishes.
Movin' On Up - 40 Gamerpoints - Move into a new home.
Not Dead Yet - 10 Gamerpoints - Resurrect a Sim.
Not Twice, But 10 Times - 20 Gamerpoints - Complete 10 Opportunities.
Once a Parent, Always a Parent - 40 Gamerpoints - Welcome a child into the family.
Owned! - 15 Gamerpoints - Buy out a commercial property in town.
Partners in Crime - 10 Gamerpoints - Become a partner of the Paragon Personal Private Charity Warehouse.
Power Overwhelming - 25 Gamerpoints - Unlock every Good Karma Power by purchasing them with Challenge Points.
Pyromaniac - 20 Gamerpoints - Get an insurance check for over §15,000 after using the Firestorm Karma Power. Botanical Perfection - 15 GP)
Sim About Town - 10 Gamerpoints - Attend a town event.
Sim-Author - 10 Gamerpoints - Write a book.
Stylizer - 15 Gamerpoints - Design and save 20 styles using Create a Style.
That New Car Smell - 5 Gamerpoints - Buy a car.
The Big Proposal - 50 Gamerpoints - Get engaged.
The Reviler - 30 Gamerpoints - Become a public menace.
This is so Meta - 5 Gamerpoints - Experience the Meta.
Trophy Fish - 15 Gamerpoints - Catch a perfect fish.
True Wealth - 25 Gamerpoints - Gain 250,000 Lifetime Happiness on one Sim.
Uberchallenging - 30 Gamerpoints - Complete 150 Challenges.
Very Challenging - 25 Gamerpoints - Complete 100 Challenges.
What Goes Around - 10 Gamerpoints - Use a Karma Power.
Wish-Master - 25 Gamerpoints - Complete 100 Wishes.
Wishful Thinker - 10 Gamerpoints - Complete 10 Wishes.
Woo Hoo! - 40 Gamerpoints - Make Woo Hoo.
Working Friends - 30 Gamerpoints - Become best friends with your boss and all of your co-workers.
You Never Forget Your First - 30 Gamerpoints - Have a first kiss.

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