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Halo: Reach Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Halo: Reach
  • Game Description: Halo: Reach follows a storyline of a Noble team, a group of heroic soldiers standing finally on the planet Reach, which is man’s final defense between Covenant and planet Earth. Graphically perfected, the characters, events, and environments will catch your curiosity to have an encounter against Covenant.

Living Plasma Trick cheat for Halo: Reach on Xbox 360

This is what you'll need for this trick:

- a plasma grenade (in Covenant weapons)
- a wall (any type of wall)
- two players

You must be on Xbox Live for this to work!

Step 1: place a wall anywhere in forge world (well not in the ocean, lol).

Step 2: get rid of all your ammo and grenades (this is required).

Step 3: place down a plasma grenade.

Step 4: walk up to the wall and throw a plasma grenade on you.

Step 5: quickly go into forge monitor.

Step 6: have your friend leave the game (the screen should go black and say connecting to new host or something like that).

Step 7: go to human (if you're still in forge monitor).

Step 8: have your friend rejoin the game.

Step 9: have fun!

Game Name: Halo: Reach

Cheat Name: Living Plasma Trick

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