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Gears of War Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Gears of War
  • Game Description: If you want a game that blends tactical action with survival horror, then look no further than Gears of War, an Xbox 360 exclusive game. This is the story of humankinds epic battle against a nightmarish race of creatures called Locust Horde who have emerged from the bowels of the Earth. Your job is to lead war hero Marcus Fenix and his team in the onslaught on the Locust Horde. This is a revolutionary game with very high quality visuals ensuring you are captivated with this horrifying story of war and survival.

Tip: Sniping in Clocktower cheat for Gears of War on Xbox 360

When in Clocktower, bum rush the sniper, weapon slide away if you please (X+A while running) and get to a safe position.
Make sure you switched your shotgun with the rifle, because you will want your lancer.
Then go to the two sandbags that have the Hammerburst inbetween them.
Superjump one of them and land on the other (A+B), then you will land on top of the sandbag.
From there make your way to the median of the top of the level.
There will be a tree in your way, but it is no obstacle, just walk on through.
From there you have a clear shot at any victim roaming around down by the cars, 'nades, and boomshot.

Game Name: Gears of War

Cheat Name: Tip: Sniping in Clocktower

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