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Gears of War Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Gears of War
  • Game Description: If you want a game that blends tactical action with survival horror, then look no further than Gears of War, an Xbox 360 exclusive game. This is the story of humankinds epic battle against a nightmarish race of creatures called Locust Horde who have emerged from the bowels of the Earth. Your job is to lead war hero Marcus Fenix and his team in the onslaught on the Locust Horde. This is a revolutionary game with very high quality visuals ensuring you are captivated with this horrifying story of war and survival.

Kill RAAM on Insane cheat for Gears of War on Xbox 360

This is a very easy trick you can use when trying to defeat RAAM.

You start out with a torque bow and a lancer.

Get ammo for the lancer and a get full grenades.

Then as most of you know there is another torque bow that gives you 6 more rounds for the bow.

Once you watch the video you will be standing behind a huge long block with a light, instead of going here, go past it and stay on the right.

Once done you will see 4 small blocks.

Walk up to the 2 closest to where RAAM is coming from and go to the top right one.

Get in cover and wait for RAAM to come. This is where he will glitch.

Sometimes he will just walk straight past the block and he will probably kill you.

Other times he will walk straight at you but then get stuck at the same block you are at.

He wont be able to move the whole time unless you leave from cover.

Once this happens blindthrow the grenade at him to make the Kryll scatter.

Once they scatter you can blindfire easily a whole clip.

Repeat this process until your out of grenades.

This is where your torque bow comes in, blindfire the torque bow at him (remember to hold it down because if you don't the grenade will bounce off him and will land by you).

Once done just get out your lancer and empty a whole clip into him.

Repeat this process and you should easily beat him on insane (you don't have to get up when the big amounts of Kryll come in).

PS: Sometimes the Reavers will fly by you and stop and keep shooting at you, just use the torque bow or lancer to kill them (fast).

Game Name: Gears of War

Cheat Name: Kill RAAM on Insane

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