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Cheat Codes on the Nintendo Wii U

The Nintendo Wii U was released in the US on November 18 and and from a cheats side of things (come on, what else are we gonna cover!?) it’s looking pretty slow at this stage. While some cheats have been … Continue reading

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Can the Gaming Industry Afford a Next-Generation of Consoles?

Development costs are rising. Gamers are demanding better graphics, more features, and ultimately, more of the same. This unfortunate trend has resulted in a downward spiral for the gaming industry where developers are too afraid to take risks. If a … Continue reading

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Sony Doesn’t Want PS4 Launched Significantly After Next Xbox/Wii U

What are the major reasons that Xbox has won this generation of the console war with Playstation? You might think that the Xbox 360 simply offers more possibilities and features, or that its games are better. However, one factor that has … Continue reading

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