See the Weapons at Your Disposal in Borderlands 2


Much like the original Borderlands, all of the weaponry you’ll be wielding in Borderlands 2 comes from one of the game’s three weapon manufacturers, each with a distinct personality and behavior. Although the regional influences are hilariously obvious, it’s not exactly in the nature of the Borderlands franchise to be subtle. To further accentuate such a point, Gearbox Software recently released a few promotional videos to give future players an idea of what to expect from each of the game’s weapon creators. Take a look for yourself after the jump.

The sleek and elegant Maliwan aims to bring elemental aspects to their weaponry while maintaing an aesthetically pleasing form and appearance. Check ‘em out here.

By comparison, Tediore’s focus on power and simplicity is much more appealing to those who want a rugged and destructive gun without all of the frivolousness of form.

And for those who don’t really care for anything fancy and just want to put a whole bunch of bullets downrange, the Slavic-inspired Vladof weapons are sure to satisfy.

What do you think of the Borderlands 2 weaponry? Are you stoked for the co-op shooter?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Calvin Nader says:

    Totally stoked.