Battlefield 3 Premium Edition to Release September 11th

Have you failed to jump on the Battlefield 3 bandwagon yet? Holding out for that “Game of the Year” edition that always seems to come out months down the line after a successful game launch? Well, your dreams have finally been realized, as EA and DICE have just officially announced the upcoming Battlefield 3 Premium Edition. The Premium Edition of the the popular first-person shooter comes with the Premium subscription of the game that launched earlier this year, granting players access to every expansion pack, upcoming or old, and a number of additional bonuses. The game, which will be releasing this September 11th, will retail for $70, and will save new purchasers of the game about $40 if they had bought the standard edition of Battlefield 3 and subscribed to Battlefield 3 Premium.

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One Response to Battlefield 3 Premium Edition to Release September 11th

  1. Entrep says:

    Anyone got any idea when the next Battlefield title will arrive? BF3 has gotten a little old in my mind. Alternatively I guess BO2 is due out shortly…