Xbox Lite Next Year, Xbox 720 Sometime Afterward?

Microsoft LogoYou might have heard about serial Microsoft blogger/leaker/rumor monger MS Nerd. Back in November last year he posted a bit of purportedly new information on the “successor” to the Xbox 360, calling it Xbox Loop.

Perhaps referring to the device as the next Xbox to be released is more appropriate, because MS Nerd is back and talking about a smaller, stripped down version of the Xbox 360 being released in 2013, with the true successor to the Xbox 360 (Xbox Next/Xbox 720/etc) only being released afterwards.

MS Nerd had the following to say on Reddit:

My understanding is that we’ll see a Xbox device in late 2013 which does Arcade-style games & all the current & future media apps with Kinect (with near-mode). It will be an ARM-based platform price-competitive with the Apple TV (if you own a Kinect already).

At some point after that, we’ll see a Xbox Next, a true successor to the 360. Details about it are very hazy, except that, like the 360, it will do games for core-audiences & the same media apps as the other device, also with Kinect.

So, the “Xbox Lite”, as some have been calling it, will run on an ARM-based platform and be competitive, price-wise, with the Apple TV – meaning it will retail for around $100 in the United States. As for the device itself, it will focus on Arcade games and Kinect apps. Sounds plausible, maybe, but what do you think – can MS Nerd be believed?

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