Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature Map Pack Released

The Gears of War 3 Forces of Nature map pack has been released to the masses and brings with it five new multiplayer maps. The trick is that each map features a different weather effect, from example Jacinto takes place in a rainstorm and features imulsion, while Artillery features a tornado. You also get 250 more Achievement points to aim for and four new multiplayer characters: the Savage Hunter and new variants of Commando Dom, Mechanic Baird, and the Savage Grenadier Elite. Check out the full list of maps and weather effects below, along with a high definition gameplay video.

Forces of Nature  Maps: Aftermath (Flooding City), Artillery (Tornado), Cover (Fog), Jacinto (Rainstorm and Imulsion), and Raven Down (Snowstorm).

PS – if you have a GOW3 Season Pass do not purchase the map pack – you’ll get it free via your pass instead!

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