Next Generation Xbox Codenamed “Loop”, Running Windows 9?

Microsoft leaker/blogger, MS NerdXbox 720, has posted a bit more information on the next generation Xbox 360 (also known as Xbox 720), at least beyond what we think we already know. MS Nerd has been a reliable source of information in the past and there is no reason to suggest that his latest tidbits are not accurate.

Apparently, the next Xbox is codenamed “Loop” and will run on a modified version of Windows 9. It will also be much smaller than the current Xbox 360 and come in at a much lower price point, apparently to increase the takeup of Kinect connectivity. The Xbox Loop will also use a “Zune HD-like hardware platform” and will be based on ARM architecture.

Given that Windows 8 has not even been released yet, this suggests that a new Xbox is a long way off yet!  What do you think?

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