Fenix Rising Map Pack for Gears of War 3 Coming January

Gears of War LogoEpic have announced the Fenix Rising Map Pack for Gears of War 3, which is set to arrive on 17 January next year. The new DLC will add five new maps to GOW3, along with four character skins and an entirely new system that lets you “Re-up” (or Prestige in CoD-talk) through to level 100 and unlock exclusive weapon skins.

The Re-ups can be done a maximum of three times and you’ll unlock new weapon skins as follows:

  1. Re-Up Plasma – Animated flowing plasma in gold.
  2. Re-Up Omen – Shiny, red Omen.
  3. Re-Up Electric – Animated, golden electric shocks.

Each of the new maps is named Academy, Anvil, Depths, Escalation and The Slab and the map pack will cost 800 Microsoft Points (or $10).

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