Diablo III Beta, WoW Annual Pass Offer Comes to an End

Those hankering to brandish a two-handed mighty sword in which to decimate the minions of Hell will have to wait just a bit longer. As of 3:00 AM on May 1st, the Diablo III beta was officially pulled – and the World of Warcraft annual pass offer along with it.

Gamers fortunate enough to acquire closed-beta access are now left to twiddle their mouse-clicking fingers in anticipation. For some the next two weeks will inevitably amount to the most agonizingly long 14 days in recent gaming history. For others, many of whom were disappointed by the drastic systems changes implemented in the past few months, they will be an afterthought.

During the beta, long standing World of Warcraft players were granted a free copy of Diablo III as long as they subscribed to the pioneering MMO for another 12-months. They’d also receive Tyrael’s Charger and some other undisclosed benefits. That offer is no longer valid.

The good news is that Diablo III will be out in a mere 13 days. As in the overly dramatized words of the iconic Deckard Cain, “It has begun.”

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