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Max Payne 3 did not Outsell Diablo III in the UK

Despite reports swirling around on the Internet that Max Payne 3 outsold Diablo III in the United Kingdom, a little further investigating reveals that this is not the case at all. The hoopla started when GfK revealed that Max Payne … Continue reading

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Why Did Max Payne 3 Come out the Same Day as Diablo III?

On some level Max Payne 3 shares a lot in common with Diablo III. Both are the third games released in their respective franchises. Max Payne is back after a nine year hiatus, Diablo after 11. They were developed by … Continue reading

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Sorry Fans, Diablo III Isn’t Going to Work on the 360

Before you try to burn me at the proverbial stake, let me make it emphatically clear that I would be absolutely¬†ecstatic if Blizzard somehow managed to pull off a worthy rendition of Diablo III for the Xbox 360. And while … Continue reading

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Diablo III Beta, WoW Annual Pass Offer Comes to an End

Those hankering to brandish a two-handed mighty sword in which to decimate the minions of Hell will have to wait just a bit longer. As of 3:00 AM on May 1st, the Diablo III beta was officially pulled – and … Continue reading

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