“Dawnguard” is Skyrim’s First DLC

"Dawnguard" is Skyrim's First DLC

To the delight of many Elder Scrolls fans around the world, Bethesda has finally announced the name of the very first Skyrim DLC content, “Dawnguard”. Bethesda also mentioned that, as previously promised, the DLC will be appearing on Xbox 360 before any other platform, and that’s really about it. No release date or pricing were mentioned in the announcement, although speculation about the content is sure to run rampant in the coming weeks.

Bethesda mentioned in the official announcement that additional details would be unveiled at this year’s upcoming E3, but based on the title and the image provided, perhaps a little brainstorming is in order.

“Dawnguard” suggests a brighter and more summer-ish take on the predominantly Nordic theme that pervades throughout Skyrim’s massive and beautiful environment, but what does that mean, exactly? Will Dawnguard introduce an all-new section of land to explore, similar to the Shivering Isles expansion available for Oblivion? Or are we looking at a more traditional content pack that utilizes existing game assets to provide a new take on familiar locales within the game’s already enormous world?

Only time will tell, but we can’t wait to find out what Dawnguard has to offer Skyrim fans whenever it comes out. Tune back to Xbox 360 Cheats for updates as we get them, and expect a huge blowout this June at E3.

Until then, what do you think Dawnguard is going to introduce to Bethesda’s already kickass action RPG? Leave your thoughts below!

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