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Saint's Row 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

  • Game: Saint's Row 2
  • Game Description: Saints Row 2 is the sequel to the popular Saints Row; it had been anticipated on the Xbox 360 for some time now. The question that is raised now that Saints row 2 has been released is whether or not a Grand Theft Auto 4 killer is born!

Unlock Weapons cheat for Saint's Row 2 on Xbox 360

Complete the task or action and then you will unlock the reward shown.

Annihilator RPG - Mayhem level 6 in Nuclear Power Plant.
AR-50 XMAC Special (with grenade launcher) - Complete all Combat Tricks.
Chainsaw - Crowd Control level 6 in Hotel and Marina.
Flamethrower - Mayhem Level 3 in Nuclear Power Plant.
GAL 43 - Snatch level 3 in Downtown.
Grenades at crib - Complete one Hitman list.
Kobra pistol - Fuzz level 3 in Projects.
Minigun - Brotherhood mission 10.
Pepper spray - Crowd Control level 3 in Hotel and Marina.
Pimpcane - Epilogue mission 2.
Satchel Charges at crib - Three Hitman lists complete.
Shock paddles - Complete all Ambulance missions.
Unlimited pistol ammo - Fuzz level 6 in Projects.
Unlimited rifle ammo - Complete all Hitman lists.
Unlimited shotgun ammo - Drug trafficking level 6 in Airport.
Unlimited SMG ammo - Snatch level 6 in Downtown.
X2 Ultimax shotgun - Drug trafficking level 3 in Airport.

Game Name: Saint's Row 2

Cheat Name: Unlock Weapons

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