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Saint's Row 2 Xbox 360 Cheats

Game: Saint's Row 2
Game Description: Saints Row 2 is the sequel to the popular Saints Row; it had been anticipated on the Xbox 360 for some time now. The question that is raised now that Saints row 2 has been released is whether or not a Grand Theft Auto 4 killer is born!


Achievements cheat for Saint's Row 2 on Xbox 360

game name:

Saint's Row 2

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...But It Sure Is Fun - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Snatch.
2 Quick 2 Pissed - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all races in Stilwater.
All-City - 10 gamerpoints - Find and spray all 50 tags in Stilwater.
Ambulance Chaser - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Insurance Fraud.
Blue Collar - 10 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Tow Truck, Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Taxi diversions.
Brother's Keeper - 40 gamerpoints - Defeat the Brotherhood.
Confidence Men - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of all activities in co-op.
Crime Lord - 50 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of all activities.
Demolition Man - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Demolition Derby.
Do Not Talk About It - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Fight Club.
Duelist - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all Ronin missions in co-op.
Duke of Stilwater - 10 gamerpoints - Find all stunt jumps in Stilwater.
HeliGood - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Heli Assault.
Hello 47 - 10 gamerpoints - Kill all Hitman targets.
Hi Fidelity - 15 gamerpoints - Find all CDs in Stilwater.
Hoodlum - 30 gamerpoints - Earn 7 Multiplayer Badges.
Kingpin - 40 gamerpoints - Earn 30 Multiplayer Badges.
Made - 30 gamerpoints - Earn 15 Multiplayer Badges.
Maverick Goose - 10 gamerpoints - Find all flying stunt locations in Stilwater.
Partners in Crime - 100 gamerpoints - Complete all campaign missions in co-op.
Pot Luck - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all Samedi missions in co-op.
Purple Haze - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Drug Trafficking.
Reality Star - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of FUZZ.
Remind Me of the Babe - 40 gamerpoints - Defeat the Sons of Samedi.
Romero's Hero - 5 gamerpoints - Complete the Zombie Uprising video game.
Saint's Seven - 30 gamerpoints - Win all seven Ranked Strong Arm Activities, and win on all seven Strong Arm maps.
Separated at Birth - 25 gamerpoints - Complete all Brotherhood missions in co-op.
Seppuku - 40 gamerpoints - Defeat the Ronin.
Splatster Chief - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Septic Avenger.
Spread the Love - 30 gamerpoints - Host and win an Xbox LIVE Party Game.
Strong Armed - 10 gamerpoints - Complete the Strong Arm tutorial.
Stuntman - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Trail Blazing.
Surf's Up - 5 gamerpoints - Get 3 gold stars in Vehicle Surfing.
Tested - 10 gamerpoints - Win 10 Xbox LIVE Strong Arm matches.
Trickster - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Escort.
True Pal - 10 gamerpoints - Defeat your partner in a co-op diversion.
Velvet Rope - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Crowd Control.
Welcome Back - 5 gamerpoints - Complete the Saints Revival prologue.
Where's My Car? - 10 gamerpoints - Deliver all the cars to the chop shops.
Wrecking Crew - 15 gamerpoints - Complete all levels of Mayhem

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