Is a Halo 2 Remake on the Horizon?

Is a Halo 2 Remake on the Horizon?

Recent rumors and speculation have been claiming that 343 Industries and Certain Affinity may be planning an HD remake of what might be one of the best first-person shooters ever created, Halo 2. Considering that the Halo 2 servers were shut down awhile back, this might just be the best way to give gamers their taste of old-school Halo while also delivering the same quality experience that Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary gave us.

For the time being, all of these rumors are just that – rumors. 343 Industries has commented after questioning on the subject, and claims that they are currently entirely focused on Halo 4. While all current assets might be allocated to Microsoft’s largest game of the year, the possibility of a Halo 2 Anniversary are definitely possible. Personally, I’d love to relive the unique multiplayer experience that Halo 2 offered, but we’ll see if 343i agrees.

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