Halo 4′s Revamped Forge Mode Being Developed by Certain Affinity

Halo 4's Revamped Forge Mode in Development By Certain Affinity

We’re all stoked for Halo 4 here at Xbox 360 Cheats, but now we have a reason to be even more excited for 343 Industries’ take on the venerable Xbox franchise. Halo: Combat Anniversary developer, Certain Affinity, is reportedly working on Halo 4′s revamped Forge mode, and will now feature a ton of great features that are sure to make Forge map-makers (myself included) very excited.

Certain Affinity also performed work on the Halo: Reach map packs that launched after the game’s release, so before you begin to feel as if 343 Industries is pulling an Activision by featuring several different developers on a flagship franchise, remember that these guys know and love Halo. Halo 4 launches this September, but if you’re a passionate Forge maker and want to see some updated features in the newest entry of Microsoft’s sci-fi marvel, head on over to the forums and let your voice be heard while there’s development time left!

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